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You've decided to buy your first gun.

Now What?


Rules and regulations vary quite a bit throughout the U.S. Here we will discuss the specific myriad of requirements for purchasing a gun in the greater Los Ange!es area of California.


There are nearly endless choices in the firearms market - but most are fairly "mission-specific." So the first consideration is your particular  PURPOSE for the firearm!



Unlike most modern purchases, buying a gun online is pretty much out of the question.  You are going to have to go through a local, federally licensed firearms dealer!


Buying a gun without taking lessons would be like buying a car without learning how to drive.  Lessons in firearms safety and shooting are essential - both BEFORE and AFTER your purchase!



We are a group of shooting associates in Southern California who feel that bringing new shooters into the sport is the best way to ensure the continued preservation of the Second Amendment and all that entails. But just bringing new shooters in isn't good enough. It is our most ardent desire to bring them in correctly, with a good understanding of the processes involved. We want a larger community of safe, responsible, active and informed shooters - from hunters to target shooters and from CCW holders to preppers.  We believe there is strength in numbers. We have watched as the politicians have skillfully pitted different factions of the shooting community against each other with varying degrees of effect. Through this website, which we hope you find welcoming and informative, we'd like to bring the whole shooting community together - while increasing its numbers and raising the collective awareness.

- David Callen, Michael Frost and Pete Demitrian

You can contact us here:

Welcome to the firearms community! We look forward to hearing from you.

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